On her birthday, Gabi finds herself spiraling within her own thoughts and the silence of her home. Happy Birthday is a video about identity, love and attachment.


Tony is a young nuyorican who is visiting his mother in Puerto Rico. After noticing Tony’s behaviour and addiction she offers to help. Jugo de Guanábana is a video about addiction, attachment and identity.


This video-loop can be thought of as a cover letter from an artist who hasn't produced anything for a year. It can also be thought of as an exorcism. It contains a lot of forgotten footage by the artist, stolen material from the internet and a lot of subjectivity, nasty and shameful subjectivity. “Inútil, Bellaca, Frustra: el último perdón” it is not a transition nor is it an excuse to feel productive, it is a dialogue with uselessness itself. What happens when you don't know what else to do?

NO SÉ (2018)

No Sé (No Clue) is a short documentary of a raw, intimate, and introspective nature. Andrea is a videographer and photographer who's work focuses on heroin addiction and the culture and social dynamics that surround it. In this video Andrea poses existential questions about herself and her art and looks to find answers through the relationships with key people in her life.